Liza Tchapanova

Founder, CEO

Liza has an MSc in biomedicine from Lund University. She has interdisciplinary experience with commercialising and leading preclinical in vivo studies in both an industrial and an academic setting. Liza has a wide scientific background in the fields of immunobiology, neurodegenerative diseases and oncology and she has an intricate understanding of what the market lacks within each disease field.

Hannes Mogensen

co-founder, CTO

Hannes holds an MSc in Engineering Physics and a PhD in neuroscience. He has partaken in a wide range of engineering projects incorporating signal processing, control theory, machine learning and embedded software development. Hannes has founded his own technical consultancy firm and has extensive experience from working in the life science area, both in a clinical setting and in preclinical research. 

Eddie Thordarson

Chairman, Portfolio manager

Eddie Thordarson holds a PhD in Chemistry and is a portfolio manager at LU Holding with 20 years of management and business development in the medtech- and pharmaceutical industries. Eddie chairs TrackPaw Scientific’s board and assists the CEO in growing the company and board, and with financing its operation.

Erik Clemensson

Advisor, Preclinical SCIENTIST

Erik holds a PhD in neurodegenerative diseases from Lund University. Besides having worked as a software developer, he has wide experience within testing behavioral in vivo equipment as a postdoc. Erik contributes to the case as a software developer as well as with a deep understanding of the needs of the market.

Johan Bäckman

Advisor, Hardware expert

Johan holds a PhD in natural biologics and electronics from Lund University. Apart from having tracked animals in motion for the past decade, Johan is also a trained Electronics Engineer and he has been a key contributor in the development of the hardware.

Andreas Jakobsson

Advisor, Mathematical statistics

Andreas holds a PhD in Signal Processing from Uppsala University. Apart from being a professor in statistical mathematics at Lund University, Andreas also founded Babblecat AB, co-founded Medotemic AB and VoiceDiagnostic Sweden AB. Andreas provides the Track-team with in-depth knowledge regarding signal processing and mathematics.