Enable remote monitoring of your rodents from wherever you are.

Our mission

Laboratory animal care and management is challenging. Routine monitoring of rodents is to date insufficient and paves way for unforeseen activities to occur. As a consequence, vital activities go unnoticed and labor intensive post operation-monitoring is often deployed. We at TrackPaw Scientific AB are committed towards enabling a more sustainable way of performing animal studies by creating a product that tracks activity and weight changes inside the home environment.


Rat in laboratory. Animal tests

Plug & play

The Track platform is inserted into the mice home cage environment and does not require tagging of the animals to enable monitoring

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Maps and categorizes activity changes to different disease models.


Two modes of action

The platform has two modes to cover a broad spectrum of applicability. The user can either choose 1) to monitor their animals during a longer duration of time, a mode perfect for behavioral studies, or 2) utilize the alarm system modality, which notifies only upon abnormal behaviors occurring in the cage during a given time.

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