Our Technology

The TRACK-system combines sensor technology and machine learning to monitor the weight, behaviour and welfare aspects during preclinical research.

Innovating new ways of monitoring research animals

By combining machine learning and sensor technology to categorize and detect abnormal behavior within the home cage, we enable new ways of monitoring the research animals at all times. Additionally, the TRACK-system in the future will be able to categorize changes towards different indications and disease models. The TRACK-system does not require any extra space in the facility as it’s placed seamlessly at the bottom of already existing cages. Upon recognition of abnormal activity, the user receives a notification on a coupled device, with vital information of the activity and the weight changes. This way, we ensue that the research team will not loose valuable time and vital research data, but on the contrary gains more data than before to add to their findings, thereby accelerating the process towards reaching the planned study endpoints. 

The TRACK- system has two key functions

An advanced tool for longitudinal weight monitoring and behavioural analysis, including disease markers, movement patterns and different social behaviours


A continuous 24/7 surveillance system which triggers an alarm when a research animal is displaying anti-social behaviour or declines rapidly in weight


The TRACK-system is placed on the cage floor and does not interfere with bedding, enrichment or feeding utilities in the cage.

It can be seamlessly integrated with any pre-existing workflows, rack systems and cage environments.



Seamless integration

The TRACK solution is inserted into the in-home cage environment and does not interfere with bedding, enrichment or feeding utilities

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Animal welfare monitoring

Monitors the animals 24/7, giving the user a quick call-to-action upon abnormal activity and weight changes. 


Two modes of action

The platform has two modes to cover a broad spectrum of applications. The user can either choose 1) to monitor the research animals over a longer period of time, a mode suitable for behavioral studies, or 2) to utilize the alarm system modality, which notifies only upon abnormal behaviors occurring in the cage at any given time