Our Technology

Restructuring the current way of monitoring animals

By combining AI, deep machine learning and sensory technology to categorize and detect abnormal behavior within the home cage, we can enable a new way of controlling the animals at all times. Additionally, the platform will be able to categorize the changes to different indications/disease models. The platform does not require any extra space in the facility as it is placed seamlessly at the bottom of each cage. Upon recognition of abnormal activity, the user receives a notification on a coupled device with information that showcases vital information of the activity decrease/increase, and the weight changes. This way, we ensure our users that they do not loose valuable time and money spent on the experiments, but on the contrary, gains more substance data to add to their findings and, accelerate the process of developing a new drug. 


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Plug & play

The Track platform is inserted into the mice home cage environment and does not require tagging of the animals to enable monitoring

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Maps and categorizes activity changes to different disease models.


Two modes of action

The platform has two modes to cover a broad spectrum of applicability. The user can either choose 1) to monitor their animals during a longer duration of time, a mode perfect for behavioral studies, or 2) utilize the alarm system modality, which notifies only upon abnormal behaviors occurring in the cage during a given time.